Enhance your marketplace listings

Enhance your marketplace listings

When you want to sell your product on a marketplace or attract new buyers, it is important that your listing is attractive for people to click on. Just consider your own behavior when you browse for instance marketplaces like Noon, Amazon, Dubizzle or Property finder. Will you click or buy from a seller that shares no images of the product, doesn't provide a description, or created a title that isn't relevant? Our guess is, probably not. So, here are some tips & tricks to enhance your listings on our marketplace:

Engage in pictures

Pictures often speak more than words, so please make sure to include an image of your product. When uploading a photo, kindly have the picture resolution in mind. If it is too small, your product will probably appear blurry. If it is too big, you probably won't be able to upload it due to the file size. Luckily, there are several free tools available on the internet to downsize your images without losing the quality.

Create proper titles

Please ensure your headings are relevant and to the point. Buyers instantly need to know what your product is about. Also, if they search for products on their phone, they will probably see the first part of your title, so start with the most important details. 'Valencia oranges' will work better than 'Oranges from Valencia'.

Provide a description

It is important for people to know what comes with the package. If your products have an expiration date, please mention it, or at least say 'expires soon' if that is the case. Also, measurement details like weight and size matter, together with elements that are included or excluded.

Basically, when creating your marketplace listing just consider: what drives your own purchase decisions? Will I click on my own link to buy products?

Enhance your marketplace listings