5 key benefits of using a good POS system

5 key benefits of using a good POS system

In a saturated Food and Beverage market like the UAE, it is crucial to have all the right tools to get the most out of your business. While having the right team in place is important, having the right suppliers offering high-quality products with a good inventory system and POS in place can be a gamer changer for a business.  

A POS(Point of Sale System) is commonly described as a check-out counter where transactions are done. This software also helps you to keep track of the table’s orders and organize your restaurant or bar information on your daily operations.

Here are five benefits of having a good POS system:

1.      Efficiency: A huge benefit of using a POS system is that it impacts the efficiency of the staff. This ensures that staff doesn’t have to memorize the products anymore; everything is kept on the POS with images that show the product. Also, most POSs are customizable, which allows the staff to use smart categories to identify and add products easily. This drastically reduces the time spent per transaction and eliminates human errors as most of the processes are done automatically. Our inventory management software can be integrated with Watermelon POS to enable real-time monitoring of stock products from different locations. Data is synced and always accessible in the cloud.

2.      Easy invoicing: Invoicing is crucial to keeping track of all payments and is important for accounting operations. There is a lot of valuable information within an invoice; average transaction per person, transaction value, number of products sold, etc. As an example, Watermelon POS offers you the possibility not only of generating invoices but also LPOs and a dashboard with a real-time overview of spending in total and per table.

3.      Table management: Talking about efficiency, table management could be one of the best features of an F&B POS system. The table management system is important for various reasons. It will ensure a smooth operation for the guests to be seated quickly and will provide control to the staff to oversee the whole dining area. Other benefits of using a powerful table management system are; setting up your tables and dining areas, areal-time overview of spending in total and per table, and direct communication between the Kitchen and the front of the house.

4.      Improve customer experience: Nobody likes to wait. A good POS allows you to complete transactions faster and consequently increase customer satisfaction. A good customer experience is crucial to improving your customer loyalty. By providing a fast, accurate, and efficient service your clients will be more likely to come back to your restaurant.

5.      Collecting data: Tracking performance, KPI’s using spread sheets can quickly become a tedious task. With a powerful POS, all this is done automatically for you, so you can focus on what really matters, your customers. There is a lot of information that can be collected on your POS.

-       Sales per product: Total number of sales a restaurant has for each type of product

-       Sales per employee: Revenue each staff member is bringing in

-       The Average number of items per purchase: How many menu items are bought on average.

-       Average Check: Average amount a customer spends when they dine at your restaurant.

-       Cover count: Number of customers being served in a day.

-       Food cost: The amount you spend on the food you sell.

-       Gross Margin: The percentage of product that is profit.

There are many more features that can be collected by the POS. Watermelon POS provides a detailed dashboard where you can get valuable insights and restaurant metrics in real time.

Ultimately, POS systems allow retailers to operate in a more efficient way. If you are looking for a powerful POS system to help your business grow, check out all the benefits that Watermelon POS has to offer at https://www.watermelon.market/pos

5 key benefits of using a good POS system