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A seamless way to manage the supply ordering in restaurants that have several branches

Manage supply ordering in restaurants that have several branches

As a restaurant owner, your core business is to serve food to customers. Thus, proper management of the supply of raw materials is critical, as is supply chain management. To deal with supply chain interruptions, 75% of restaurant operators made menu changes in 2021 alone. At the same time, 40% of a restaurant’s revenue is spent on ingredients.

Having a restaurant marketplace like Watermelon Marketplace can tackle the issue of getting a stable quality supply. But what about management?

As much as 10% of a restaurant's acquired food inventory is wasted, resulting in a 10% loss in potential revenue. And this is precisely where the watermelon platform shines.

Once you register as a client, you can set up several accounts for your restaurant staff. Moreover, you can easily set up the access limitation for individual accounts, so everyone gets access to the food supply and control over the supply management, just as much as you allow them to have.

For instance, the restaurant manager grants the waiter permission to add things to the cart and make an order. This order, however, will not be transmitted immediately to the supplier. It will be forwarded to the manager for their final approval, who can examine and change the order.

Features like these make the whole process seamless, hassle-free, and, most importantly, more accurate. This can help restaurants with the reduction of food waste which in result can allow restaurants to save 2 to 6 percent on food costs.

Things get even more complex to handle when you have several branches of your restaurant needing supply from the same reliable supplier. 

In this case, you, as a general manager, can easily create several different managers accounts for your different branches. Within those branches, you can set up a kitchen in charge and bar in charge accounts that can add items to the cart and wait for their manager’s final approval for the order. And the general manager account can have access to all the branches for regular maintenance and check.

Watermelon platform strives to make the overall supply management process as effective and seamless as possible for the restaurant industry. We believe that having the ability to customize and properly manage your restaurant can take your business to the next level. So, join us today and make a supply ordering a piece of cake for your restaurant

A seamless way to manage the supply ordering in restaurants that have several branches