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Visibility & Efficiency for F&B Buyers

Your free & easy-to-use F&B management tool

At Watermelon, we strive to make F&B management as easy as possible. Our  technology lets you connect, interact and transact with F&B suppliers via one single app. All your data is centralized, everything is synced, on our marketplace you can browse products from multiple vendors, communicate with them, place and track your orders, auto-generate purchase orders and streamline your costs all on one consolidated application.

Start using Watermelon today and enjoy the following benefits:

Manage all your orders in one place

Access to one platform to place, manage, approve, pay and track all your orders from suppliers.

  • Browse vendor catalogues and compare prices of goods on our marketplace, which has over 15,000 unique SKUs.  Get the right products at the best prices.

  • Schedule new orders, view all upcoming deliveries and mark orders as received.

  • Leverage the easy, single checkout option for products from multiple suppliers.

  • Approve all orders on one screen.

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Consolidate purchases & manage multiple outlets

  • Make buying simple and keep track of your orders across multiple outlets.

  • Prevent errors, double orders, and time spent on internal communication. 

  •  Real-time, single click overview of spendings in total and per outlet.

  • Handle, view & download all future and past orders for all outlets.

Digitize your manual paperwork

We help you go paperless by digitizing your procurement process from A to Z.

  • Compare prices of goods easily and order your products through our online marketplace.

  • Simplify your communication with suppliers by managing and capturing all information on one app. 

  • Auto-manage & digitize your paperwork and invoices for easier accounting.

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Gain visibility over your spending patterns

Gain accurate insight into your spend patterns and analyze trends over time.

  •  Quick access to your comprehensive dashboard, see your real-time spend, across each of your outlets.

  • View spending summaries or generate detailed reports for convenient forecasting and inventory management.

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Watermelon Explained  in 1 minute


Watermelon conveniently brings together F&B buyers and suppliers

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Access your data anywhere, any time

We developed the Watermelon platform for your comfort, ease and efficiency. Login to our trusted and secure mobile app to view, manage & analyze your data in real-time and on the go. Or, use our desktop version by logging in through our website if you prefer managing your data on a bigger screen.

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Features you will like:

Unified order management

Delivery schedules

Invoice digitization

Spend reports


Easy Payments

Hassle-free onboarding

We have made our onboarding process as easy as 1, 2, 3. We will arrange all the details and ensure proper training. If you have any questions during implementation or in the future, then our customer service will be readily available at your service.

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1. We will provide all your users with their unique login details.

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2. Our team will upload the product data for all your suppliers.

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3. We will assist your team in understanding the Watermelon app.


Meet some of our partners

Download our Watermelon mobile app for your smartphone

Our smart application connects UAE suppliers & buyers on a secure and trusted digital platform.

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What our partners say

“Watermelon helped us grow, by providing its innovative platform to effectively connect us with reliable suppliers and furnish an efficient workflow.”

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