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Watermelon is an all-in-one purchasing solution created to be the backbone for restaurants and suppliers to connect with one another and help their businesses thrive. Through Watermelon, we strive to simplify the lives of restaurant owners by assisting them in managing inventory, integrating POS systems, placing orders, and maintaining accurate records of invoices.

Where it all started
This incredible journey began when three co-owners of Watermelon recognized the need to streamline processes in the food and beverage industry and came together to craft a seamless solution. They all faced various issues when managing their F&B businesses, including everything from over-ordering of supplies that leads to lost revenue to unreliable supplier service and too many complexities with paperwork. And this led to an idea on the fly which finally resulted in the form of the watermelon platform to solve all these issues and more.

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Watermelon team
Watermelon co-founder
Watermelon co-founder
Watermelon team
Watermelon co-founder

We do things differently


Purchase orders

We have delivered more than 8200 purchase orders since we started.


Satisfied accounts

More than 700+ satisfied clients are enjoying the benefits of using Watermelon.


Reduction in time

We have reduced the time required to create a purchase order by 70%.


Customer support

Our customer support is always available to guide and help you.

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We’re driven by our values

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We believe that simplicity is the key to running a successful business. Whether it's our software, our procedures, our marketing, or even our workspaces, we strive for simplicity in everything we do.

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Growth Mindset

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We know that what our users want are convenience and result. And we are dedicated to offering both by providing an affordable eProcurement solution.

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At Watermelon, we embrace competence, knowledge & experience. We value expertise and work to maintain our clients' focus so they can excel at what they do best.

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Trust and Respect

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One of our company's main drivers is to help our customers gain visibility and control. We are open, honest, visible, and accessible.

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Our software solution promotes effectiveness and protects integrity in the procurement process. We conduct business in an open, professional, and organized manner with the F&B industry and our customer’s best interests at heart.

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You guessed it. We’re changing the game. Here are our milestones

  • April 2021

We started our journey

  • August  2021

5000 SKU's added to Watermelon

  • December 2021

Launched Watermelon v2.0

  • January 2022

We onboarded +50 buyers

  • February 2022

We moved into our new office!

  • March 2022

We added 15000 SKU's and +80 sellers

  • June 2022

We launched the POS v1

Frequently asked questions

What is Watermelon?

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Watermelon is a B2B all-in-one platform that streamlines the processes between buyers and suppliers. Inventory, order processing, marketplace, and POS. All in one single platform.

How much does it cost?

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Watermelon is completely free to use with no hidden payments.

Can I have my suppliers on the Watermelon platform?

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Yes, you can. We can add your suppliers to our platform, which will be visible only to you. You can also contact other suppliers to compare prices through the marketplace to ensure you get the best deal.

Does Watermelon have customer support?

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Yes! Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you. Whether you have questions or need help setting up your account or finding the proper supply, our customer service will be here to help and guide you step by step.

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